Welcome to Bay Watch Oyster Seeds, LLC.

A home grown company owned and operated by Keith Rodgers since 2008.

"As a nursery, I produce seed oysters (Triploid) a 1/4'' and larger for commercial growers and oyster gardeners on the Eastern Shore, the Virginia mainland, Maryland and North Carolina.

It is my goal to provide quality oyster seed to growers, enabling the growers to grow and produce the best oysters possible!"

Cultch For Sale

Cultch, Micro Cultch or Crushed Oyster Shell for setting eyed larvae (oyster) is now available and for sale!

Sizes available in 500, 400, 300, 250 Microns

See 'Cultch Pricing' link for more info!!!

Now accepting credit cards - Visa Mastercard and American Express


Bay Watch Oyster Seeds, LLC.

Keith Rodgers - Owner

271 Bay Watch Lane

PO Box 535

Reedville, Va 22539

Phone - 804-453-4367